A Piece of Hope

Conversations With a BCBA

January 11, 2019 Appleseeds Behavioral Center Season 1 Episode 2
A Piece of Hope
Conversations With a BCBA
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Join us for episode 2 of "A Piece of Hope" podcast presented by Appleseeds Behavioral Center, as hosts Emma and Andrew sit down with one of Appleseeds very own, BCBA Jaelyn Burns to continue their series on being newly diagnosed. Jaelyn will cover topics about assessments, BCBA recommendations, common misconceptions, and many other great things regarding ABA. Also, be sure to "like" and follow  Appleseeds Behavioral Center on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter!

Opening Remarks
BCBA Introduction
What is a BCBA?
Differences between therapist
What is ABA?
ABA Misconceptions
First Day of ABA
Day to Day in ABA Therapy
Importance of ABA
Closing Remarks