Old Nerd in the Gym Podcast

S2:E2 Boxing and the Old Nerd

June 14, 2019 Julie Barth / Gery L. Deer Season 2 Episode 2
Old Nerd in the Gym Podcast
S2:E2 Boxing and the Old Nerd
Show Notes

Season 2 - Episode 2 Boxing and the Old Nerd

Julie Barth and Gery Deer in our first ever ringside recording at Drake's Downtown Gym to talk about a boxing class for Parkinson's patients, caregiving, fitness, wellness and as always some cheesy jokes.

Drake’s Downtown Gym is an old-school boxing gym situated in a former bus depot at the heart of Dayton, Ohio’s Historic Oregon District. Julie Barth and Gery Deer sat down with trainer/boxer Shannan Hamm in the gritty, no-nonsense environment of Drake’s to learn more about what happens there and of particular interest to Old Nerd, to learn about a special boxing exercise class focused on seniors with Parkinson’s and other physically degenerative issues. Here’s a little more about our guest. 

Shannan started her fitness journey in 2012 when she weighed 250 pounds. She started working with a personal trainer once a week and changed her diet completely. She was able to lose 110 pounds through weightlifting and changing her diet. In 2015, Shannan became a personal trainer in 2015 and began Powerlifting. 

At age 45 her personal best meet weight was 715 lbs. in squat, deadlift and bench press. She switched to boxing at Drakes in 2015. Shannan began taking classes every day and fell in love with the workout and the sport. She found herself in her first knockout in 2016 and has done 4 since. She is a USA boxing coach and trains fighters at Drakes. She loves helping people reach their fitness goals. 

If you’re in the Dayton, Ohio area, check out Drake’s, you can find them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=125966294135526

Special Thanks to Drake's Downtown Gym for opening their doors to us so kindly.

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