Old Nerd in the Gym Podcast

S2: E4 Yoga and The Old Nerd

July 15, 2019 Julie Barth / Gery L. Deer Season 2 Episode 4
Old Nerd in the Gym Podcast
S2: E4 Yoga and The Old Nerd
Show Notes

Yoga is a Hindu practice which helps to focus the mind, body, and spirit. Those who practice yoga will attest to its benefits in their overall wellness and how it helps ease the mind. In this episode, Old Nerd in the Gym Fitness Podcast hosts Gery Deer and Julie Barth join their own yoga instructor (sometimes referred to as a “yogi”), Carmen Milano at one of her practice spaces in Yellow Springs, Ohio. 

Carmen grew up in Chicago but has lived in Dallas, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Portland, and Skipperville, Alabama. But 20 years ago, decided to put roots down in Yellow Springs. In her own words, “At 49, in the pursuit of aging well and as gracefully as possible, I began to intentionally move my body through walking often, riding my bike around the village, and practicing yoga.”

Eventually, she began to teach the yoga classes she found so beneficial. Her class members frequently share stories of health challenges and what benefits yoga has brought to them. “I love being included in the process and journey of living well through yoga,” she told us. 

Today, Carmen teaches at the Antioch Wellness Center at Antioch College and at the Kula Cooperative. She has taken time out of her busy schedule and opened her doors at Kula Cooperative to share her insight on the benefits of Yoga. 

Production Note: This podcast was recorded in the main studio of Kula Cooperative. 

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