Old Nerd in the Gym Podcast

S2: E11 Social Distancing - Isolation and the Old Nerd

March 27, 2020 Gery L. Deer / Julie Barth Season 2 Episode 11
Old Nerd in the Gym Podcast
S2: E11 Social Distancing - Isolation and the Old Nerd
Show Notes

The world around us has changed in ways no one could have predicted even several weeks before. As more and more communities are ordered to remain at home to help minimize the spread of the COVID-19 virus, stress levels are rising, and so is the clutter. Disorganization can add to an already exploding stress level in your home. If you're a caregiver, now you may have to deal with a lack of outside help, less sleep, and more worry. 

Isolation can be a bit stressful and amid the Coronavirus outbreak, we are all feeling anxiety and stress about being alone and keeping ourselves occupied and our minds stimulated. 

Tami Doling of Silverlinings Organizers joins us for the second time on Old Nerd in the Gym Fitness Podcast to talk with co-hosts Julie Barth and Gery Deer about the importance of staying organized to help combat stress during these difficult times.

Tami Doling has been seen on Living Dayton on WDTN and is a professional tutor and organizer.  She can be reached for both in person and virtual organizing or for questions at Silverlingsorganizers.com

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