Old Nerd in the Gym Podcast

S2 : E12 A Deafening Absence and the Old Nerd

July 21, 2020 Gery L. Deer / Julie Barth Season 2 Episode 12
Old Nerd in the Gym Podcast
S2 : E12 A Deafening Absence and the Old Nerd
Show Notes

This episode of the Old Nerd in the Gym involves grief and loss.  It may be uncomfortable for some listeners. Listener discretion is advised.  

A great deal of the Old Nerd content has been generated from our founder, Gery Deer, and his experience caring for his parents. Sadly, his father, Gary, Sr., passed away on July 1st, 2020 and that left Gery with a new perspective on his experience. In this episode, he describes his father’s death as a “deafening absence,” referring, not just to his passing, but to the changes in Gery’s daily routine; a routine that has had to be altered with every phase of his father’s decline. All of a sudden, he has no one to take care of, his time is his (except for work, and the odd activity in dealing with his dad’s passing). There’s a hole - one that’s filling with doubt, second-guessing, anger, sadness, and guilt. 

Gery and his co-host, Julie Barth, talk about some of the feelings and experiences a caregiver can go through after their family member/patient has died and how Gery is dealing with it. They’ll cover the anxiety and grief leading up to that point (known as anticipatory grief) as well as how to deal with the second-guessing and feelings that you may not have done enough. 

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