Working Well Sometimes...

Help with Disability and Access to Work

May 07, 2019 Jane Coombs
Working Well Sometimes...
Help with Disability and Access to Work
Show Notes

If you have a disability or your health is getting so bad you are struggling to do your job or even get a job, then this episode is for you.
Access to work is a UK Government sponsored (and funded) service that helps you.  An assessor will look at your job and, if you qualify, will offer help - this could be:

  • British Sign Language person
  • Transport to and from work
  • A work buddy
  • Money for your employer to build a ramp for a wheelchair at your workplace

And many more.

Workplace Assessment by Access to Work

AtoW contracts an independent assessor who comes to the workplace to discuss your needs. Following this, they prepare a report setting out the minimum requirements to meet your needs along with the expected costs.  A copy of this report is sent to the disabled applicant/employee and the ‘identified options’ part to your Company, who will purchase the equipment recommended by AToW and they can then claim back the money (or part of the money) from AtoW.

The assessment results last for three years, and then you will be reassessed. However, if there are significant changes in your condition you can request an earlier review.

Practical help can include:

  • Aids for communication
  • Special equipment
  • Alterations to premises or the working environment
  • A support worker, (if practical help is needed at work, or getting to work),
  • Assistance with communication (for example a reader at work for someone who is blind, or a communicator for deaf people)
  • Travel support if you can’t use public transport due to your disability.

For more information, pick up the advice sheet from my website: