Blogging, Unscripted

13. Q&A: Pitching long-term partnerships, Turning gifted offers into paid collaborations, Best editing apps

January 01, 2020 Danielle Gervino Season 1
Blogging, Unscripted
13. Q&A: Pitching long-term partnerships, Turning gifted offers into paid collaborations, Best editing apps
Show Notes

(3:51) Q1 I’ve been hearing about bloggers sending holiday gifts to their clients/contacts. Is this something we should be doing? A handwritten note is always appreciated but what kind of gift is appropriate?

(5:28) Q2 Is there a way to tell which Pinterest group boards are bringing you the most traffic or are the most beneficial?

(8:41) Q3 How do you grow your blog's page views? [Also see Episode 8]

(9:47) Q4 How do I conduct a reader survey so that I can make sure I'm publishing content that my readers want to see?

(12:20) Q5 How can I use Pinterest to make money? I don't know what to say to brands when I send pitch emails.  [Also see Episode 9]

(13:28) Q6 How does one go about pitching for PR boxes? I’m on a budget and can’t keep buying new products to stay up to date on new products to share with my followers. [Also see Episode 6]

(16:16) Q7 Is it true that Facebook pushes posts for groups rather than business pages? I’ve heard that Facebook wants you to pay for booting you page posts so that’s why people don’t see them as much. I want to know which I should focus more on: my page or group.

(18:40) Q8 I’ve listened to a lot of podcasts trying to execute all of the tips and tricks to get my posts seen more, and crickets. How do you grow your Instagram insights and the amount of people seeing your content?

(20:32) Q9 How do you stay motivated to have creative and have a variety of content?

(22:53) Q10 What camera do you use?

(23:21) Q11 Do you enable the google ads on your blog? Is it worth it?

(24:18) Q12 What does a day in the life of a blogger look like?

(27:00) Q13 How do you turn a gifted offer to a paid offer?  [Also see Episodes 6 & 7]

(31:02) Q14 I know many bloggers use the app to get commission. However, when you’re taken to a direct link from a blog, do bloggers have deals with all those brands they are linking? Or is there some sort of way to get commission that I’m unaware of?

(32:32) Q15 How do you land long-term brand partnerships? [Also see Episodes 6 & 7]

(38:41) Q16 I want to do more IGTV and videos in general. What are some editing apps for videos? where I can add music, filter, fast forward etc.?

(41:20) Q17 Hashtag research tips. Do you have any? [Also see Episode 3]

(41:25) Q18 How is Pinterest used in marketing one’s blog to brands? What stats are they looking at, and what would be considered impressive numbers for those stats?

How can I maximize The analytics in Tailwind vs. the analytics on Pinterest?

(44:13) Q19 How do new bloggers manage to get new content (new clothes, handbags, shoes, accessories, etc.) without breaking the bank? What are some tips and tricks to keep costs low but new content rolling in. Is it normal to spend your own money when you start blogging?

(46:25) Q20 How can I better reach my targeted audience? The content I'm publishing is geared towards women in their 20-30s, yet I'm struggling to reach them. [Also see Episode 3]

(46:56) Q21 What are the best apps for photo editing, Instagram posts, photo collages, story templates, video editing, etc.?

(49:10) Q22 What is a great way to connect and/or meet local bloggers? I've love to collab, network and just have a like-minded person in my area that is in the same industry.

(50:12) Q23 I’m just getting started; only a little over 400 followers (mostly family and friends). Where do I start?

(50:34) Q24 What does the first month of blogging look like?

(52:31) Q25 I am brand new to blogging. At what point do I create a media kit?  [Also see Episode 5]