More to add to the frustration

July 14, 2021 Ann Season 3 Episode 12
More to add to the frustration
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Today we dive deeper into the background of Man Haron Monis and look into the pattern of destruction he reaps throughout his life.  

Everyone who comes into contact with this man ends up a victim.

He manages to create a new victim wife, have more kids and convert a Sydney hairdresser.  Man Haron also descends into an extremist ideology as his increasingly anti- Australian antics ramp up. So do the stakes.

We also get into his criminal history and the failures of the system here on our end that allowed him to slip further into delusion

Music credit Darren Curtis "The brotherhood"

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Whey hello there my strange ones and welcome back to murderlaide tha podcast.  And didn’t I get you all fired up last week whoooop.  My social media blew its own head off, someone working in the algorithms is going to think I am a fucking Kardashian with all of the traffic of you guys having your say.  Yes I know this one was going to be a hard one, both sides of the debates surrounding the siege are passionate and as well they should be.  Those who are angry I have yet to really talk about the victims, hold you horses its coming, this is not a sprint but more like a podcast marathon.  Jumping ahead serves none of us.


First up I want to give a giant verbal and virtual hug to Mel, Emma and Annie, the new admins on the murderaide the podcast listener page.  These badasses are volunteers and patrons, so everyone please be thoughtful and kind.  Ladies, thanks for the effort and support, I hope all are playing nice and sorry in advance for the shit that is probably about to go down after I continue to plough though the material on Man Harron Manis.  It may be a shitstorm, thanks for holding the flood for me, you ladies rock my world.


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This podcast contains graphic depictions of violence, salty language and poor grammar.  For those who are pissed I didn’t use a trigger warning in any of my last episodes, please take responsibility for your own mental health and stop blaming me for your triggering.  This podcast isn’t rainbows and fucking unicorns, listen to something soothing instead, may I recommend Levar Burton reads, his silky-smooth voice puts me to sleep every go dammed time.



Sources for today’s episode are the abc progam four corners two part special simply titled the siege, from the sbs news website, how the siege unfolded, from the guardian, Sydney café siege ; a timeline of events, an article from Claire Blumer at the abc news titles man Monis’s girlfriend Amerah Droudis sentenced to 44 years jail,  an article from the Australian by Natasha  Bita, (17 December 2014). "'Deranged' Monis granted citizenship in 2004", Arash Azizi wrote an article for Manoto 1 called. "Exclusive: The Sydney hostage-taker had fled Iran after a $200K fraud case",   "Aussie leader: Siege gunman dropped off watch list". Yahoo News. 16 December 2014Paul Bibby . "Lindt Cafe siege gunman once had luxurious life in Tehran funded by scam involving Iranian government". The Sydney Morning Herald.,again from the Sydney morning herald by Tim Elliot an article called "Martin Place gunman deranged, deluded and dangerous""Sydney siege: Man behind Martin Place stand-off was Iranian Man Haron Monis, who had violent criminal history". Which was by Lorna Knowles for the ABC News.


When we left off last week I had been banging on and on about politics, which is hard to escape in this case, because our mentally defunct perpertrator was a would-be politician.  Now the man born as Mohammed Hassan Manteghi Borujerdi, and now calling himself Ayatollah Manteghi Boroujerdi, didn’t want to do any of that pesky study, work and research required to actually be a politician, and he was also a nutter, so he decided inject himself into highly inflammatory political debates with publicity stunts. 


He had arrived in Australia in 1996 and had come under intense scrutiny of ASIO several times in the 18 years he resided in OZ.  His first application for a protection Visa was rejected with the statement quote indirectly a risk to Australian national security end quote.  And then one year later in 2000 he was granted a protection visa.  What changed?  


Falsely claiming to be an authority on Islam and all things spiritual, Bourgerdi as I will continue to call him because he can make up as many identities as he wants, he can not escape that Mohammad Bourgerdi is who he is, a whopping four months after his visa was granted, he started a prolonged campaign against the Australian government, going on public radio and eventually chaining himself dramatically in a pole.


Forgetting that woman he was now starting work on his next scam and his next victim.  By the way this dude is not doing all of this in a vacuum, he is married and divorced from his Iranian wife he was so in love with until he wasn’t, he went on an epic one-day hunger strike while chained to a pole for.   And now he is dating.


Noleen Hayson Pal was a stunning Fijian Indian woman living in Sydney with her family when she met the man then calling himself Marcus but is actually our douc bag Bourgerdi, and working as a spiritual healer.  His charm and charisma had the outgoing and bubbly brunette on the hook from the first meeting.  Marcus as he was called, arrived for dates in a Mercedes, took her on lavish outings and observed all of her families Muslim customs and traditions while wooing the woman, twenty years his junior.  


He had all outward appearances of being a successful Shiek as he claimed to them, he was.  In reality Bourjerdi is running a pretty successful business scam he is calling a black magic practise where he claims to be able to heal people physically and spiritually with some pretty bizarre and convoluted rituals he has made from all different sources.  He prayed on those who are vulnerable to that sort of twaddle, in particular couples having trouble conceiving and too scared to seek medical treatetment or investigations because of fear of doctors and science stuff or because of strict spiritual beliefs.  


His mo was pretty shrewd.  Money upfront and he would get the daemons or whatever was floating around in there out of your body, he was pretty well studied in the Quran and other spiritual texts and could pull quotes out to back up his spiritual healing.  He particularly showed his hatred of women by telling them all they were cursed and then searching their livces to provide or manufacture evidence to support that belief.


So, he would advertise his spiritual healing services in minority community newsletters like the Fiji times, some Spanish magazines and local Greek newspapers.  He was making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year and this is just the money he was putting though the books for tax, let’s not play stupid and imagine that the majority of his clients were not paying him in cash.


He would then make a sexual assault of a woman part of either her treatment or her payment.  Too ashamed to speak out against a spiritual leader or to bring the curse he had raped out of her body, many of his victims were silent for years, lets face it, most of them are probably still silent.  


He told one woman that her husband was being unfaithful and she had cervical cancer but don’t worry fair maiden I can rape that out of you.  As part of her quote treatement he would have sex with her to extinguish the evil inside her.  She reported the rape to the Wetherill Park police but there was no investigation, which indicates to me that she most likely made a statement then backed away from charging him.


Marcus was so fucking cocky he took photographs and most often videotaped these sexual assaults, his own little porn stash.


Eventually 43 charges of sexual assault and molestation were laid against Marcus the healer.  When police found his porn stash a task force was putting together a case to put him behind bars.  But that is all further in the future.


For now Business going well and dating Noleen gave him the status provided by the envy of other men how could he get such a young and beautiful lady.  Eventually the couple decided to get married.  I can’t find out if Noleen ever knew that their marriages were illegal because he was still married and, yes I said marriages, they had two lavish ceremonies in Sydney.  They had a modern Aussie wedding complete with three-tiered cake supported by a prince charming sculpted carriage and a dozen lit tapered candles and a traditional Indian ceremony.  


Noleen soon discovered that her new husband was not all he had presented himself to be.  Relegated to trophy wife, Bourgerdi was super controlling.  Noleen was made to hand over her mobile phone and he would insist that she have the blinds shut all the time.  He told her that the government were after him.  He also told her that he had a gun licence when she wouldn’t behave for him.  A whole heap of unrecognised coercive control and separation from her support systems that went on systematically for years.  In the mean time Noleen gave birth to the couples two boys within a few years.  She remained up beat and to be honest, she is also gorgeous.  


In 2003 Borgerdi started a brief relationship with another Sydney woman , Amanda Mosey.  He told her and her family that he was Romanian and he love bommed her as he had Noleen.  He gave her extravagant gifts, gold necklaces and such and arrived in a veritable fleet of top notch Mercedes, pergots and new jeeps.  He told her as a spiritual consultant he was uncontactable after 8pm and completely controlled the times at which they could see each other, she could call him and where they could go.  In effect keeping her away from his community and his wife, although all of his mosque thought he had a wife back in Iran and had no idea he was sleeping with so many women.  Mosey described her relationship with Bourgerdi as secretive and formal.  Their relationship ended on his terms after six months. 


On the 16th of September 2006 Bourgerdi officially changed his name to the super not Iranian name of Michael Hayson Mavros. He was now dating other women, you know cos he’s a fucking big shot and one of these women is a Sydney, Greek Australian Anastasia Droudis.  She was enraptured with Michael as he was now calling himself.  In his married life his wife was experiencing control and violence as the now Michael was being drawn into ever more extreme political and radical religious views.  


Anastasia on the other hand was getting what Noelene had gotten in the beginning of her relationship.  Michael wooed her love bombing all over the place.  lavish dinners and dates, rides in to shelf cars and infatuation. She knew he was married with kids but didn’t care.  Their relationship blossomed and under his guidance, Michael saw Anastacia though the tough transition of conversion from Christianity to Islam.  I can only fucking imagine how stoked her Greek orthodox family must have been about his.  She also changed her name to Amirah.  Since she chose this name lets assume she knows the meaning for this Muslim name is princess or rich woman.  


In 2004 against all better judgement for some reason Michael was granted his Australian citizenship.  An actual wtf moment here right.  He is also being reported in to the government’s new anti-terrorism hotline, like a fair bit.  Two different relations of the now Amirah Droudis calling to report the man they were told was egiptian born Michael Mavros as behaving in elusive and suspect ways.  Both thought that their cousin was being brainwashed by a charismatic man with extreme views and anti-Australian agendas.  They were all told that Michael Davros was not a known threat and they should relax.


Mohammad Borgurdi however, is on the ASIO watch list so whomever let this one thought o the keeper did not have all of there eyes dotted and ts crossed if you catch my meaning.


This is the point in which things begin to get really fucked up for Noleen.  By 2005 and now calling himself Sheik Harron had began producing some pretty shitty quality home video recordings of whom he now called sister Amirah, spouting anti Australian political rants.  In these Amirah described herself as a terrorist, called on all fellow Muslims, you know cos she had been one for a whole ten minutes, to attack Barrack Obama, who was now president in the us, and cheered on the 9 11 attacks and talked about the Bali bombings of 2005 in which 20 people died and over 100 people were injured, saying it was god’s retribution against all of us, the infidels.  


Shiek Harron is filming Amirah as she is saying all of this and can be heard narrating in the background, posing and guiding her.  This all starts to go online on his social media profiles and his website.


There were forty odd calls about this man, Amirah and this website to the ASIO hotline.  Red fucking flag people red flag.


In 2006 Borgerdi who is always running from something, pulls his usual disappearance and he officially changes his name for the third time in a decade and at last we arrive at his new personality, Man Harron Manis.  Let me put this down and see if you pick it up, in Arabic Man Harron means warrior lion.  Harron spelled slightly differently is mentioned in the Quran 20 times as the prophet who lived before the Arabs.  What a load of cocky turd hey.


Well this is where I am going to sign off for today, I really do need a gin after that and I didn’t want to drink before because I already slayed every middle eastern word in history right, that would have been so much worse if I had had a drink.


So until we meet again, sleep with one eye open and call the cops on all of your dodgy neighbours.