The System is F&#ked

August 03, 2021 Ann Season 3 Episode 14
The System is F&#ked
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This is the part of the story where the beautiful, innocent woman becomes the victim of power, hatred an jealously.

This is the murder of Noleen Hayson Pal

And the bastards who did it were on "good behaviour"

The likelihood of Monis being violent to Noleen was "a bit of a stretch"

Music credit Darren Curtis "The Brotherhood"

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Why hello there you, my delightful and glorious strangeone.  Welcome back to murderlaide the podcast.  The only place where you can come and get your morbid slice of my mind.  As always, I am your host Ann and before we kick off, this is part three of a series on the Lindt café siege and the background of Man Haron Manis.


Before we kick off we have a new family member that I need to virtual love upon.   Shout out to Jimma Rez, Tracey Timms, guys thankyou so much for joining our little Patreon Family and helping to support the podcast.  Also a big thakyou to Rebekah Haung, Aaron who has now taught me to say his last name, Vasica -Rohrlach and Louise Moran for upgrading their patron levels.  Guys you are what is making this podcast possible.  I have taken an entire year to dedicate to building this content and pushing the podcast out now, it’s like three episodes a week if you’re a patron, only because you are supporting me in doing that.  So virtual hugs to you guys and to all my patreon family members and just the most gratitutde to you from me.  


I am not a journalist nor political correspondent nor am I an expert in Islam.  I am an artist with a morbid interest in the darker side of history and this podcast is not meant to be a historical document or meant to replace any of the findings of the coronial inquest into this series of crimes, this is more like a one-sided conversation, you know, between friends, only we have never met.  Move forward at your own discretion but please check your prejudice at the door. 


This podcast contains graphic depictions of violence, salty language and poor grammar.  If any of these things offend you feel free to fuck off ok.


Sources for today’s episode are the abc progam four corners two part special simply titled the siege, from the sbs news website, how the siege unfolded, from the guardian, Sydney café siege ; a timeline of events, an article from Claire Blumer at the abc news titles man Monis’s girlfriend Amerah Droudis sentenced to 44 years jail,  an article from the Australian by Natasha  Bita, (17 December 2014). "'Deranged' Monis granted citizenship in 2004", Arash Azizi wrote an article for Manoto 1 called. "Exclusive: The Sydney hostage-taker had fled Iran after a $200K fraud case",   "Aussie leader: Siege gunman dropped off watch list". Yahoo News. 16 December 2014Paul Bibby . "Lindt Cafe siege gunman once had luxurious life in Tehran funded by scam involving Iranian government". The Sydney Morning Herald ,again from the Sydney morning herald by Tim Elliot an article called "Martin Place gunman deranged, deluded and dangerous""Sydney siege: Man behind Martin Place stand-off was Iranian Man Haron Monis, who had violent criminal history". Which was by Lorna Knowles for the ABC News


We left off with a disturbing tale of Man Haron being booted from the Rebels biker club in their usual humiliating fashion and he had threated his wife. Noleen Hayson Pal, afore mentioned wife was a gorgeous thirty year old Sydney woman had had enough of his shit and had left his sorry ass and taken the couples two boys with her to live at her parents home.  


After Monis threatened Noleen in a McDonalds’s car park on the 20th of July 2011 she had applied for an AVO to keep her violent ex away from her and her kids.  She was rejected on the basis that Man Harron Monis being violent was according to his lawyer Manny quote “a bit of a stretch” end quote.


Noleen lived with  a substantial amount of fear of Monis for the next two years.  Her contact with Monis was minimal and he began to have unsupervised and even overnight visitation with their boys.  Things seemed to be calming down with them.  His relationship with Amirah Droudis seemed to be getting serious and she began to refer to herself as his wife, you know even though he was still technically married to two other women.  He was living in an apartment in Werrington, in Sydney’s west.  On access visits she asked the children to call her mother and they played happy families.


The only thorn in their side to perfect wedded bliss was that Noleen still had the majority of custodial rights with the kids, and that meant she had power, something Man Harron was unlikely to tolerate.


Noleen chose to use mediation with Man Haron when sorting out custody of their boys, one of the benefits of the legal system, and this was done under the guidance of social workers.  One was Sylvia Martin and she was involved with the family in 2012.  This is her notes on Man Harron from that time quote prone to "grandiosity" and a "hero in his own story" "capable of narcissism and also capable of manipulation." His ex-wife said that Monis had "intimidated, duped and emotionally manipulated her" and that around 2007 he "became more strict" and told her to wear a veil, and restricted her from "singing and dancing" allegedly telling her "I'm doing it for Islam ... I want to be a martyr


In this intervening couple of years Man Harron set about brainwashing his newest plaything and he did a pretty thorough job of it.  Amirah Droudis did all of his bidding, for their online hate campaign, in the home and with her unbiased adoption of all of Man Harrons belief systems, central to this was how important Man Harron is and how loved his is by God.  He told her he had direct understanding of what God wants.  


Cough cough, so did coresh, jim jones and all the other whackos.  She unquestioningly followed him.  As part of his indoctrination of Amirah, he bagan to repeatedly tell her how they, the two of them, they alone were divine instruments of God.  What they did in this world enforced Gods will and guided our world into the world God wanted.  Amirah would hear no bad words about her man, even from family, from God’s mouth to her ear so to speak. She harboured a hatred for his ex-wife, one only mirrored of the hatred he himself had.  Noleen was living on borrowed time according to the pair, God wanted the children with them.


He would also repeatedly physically discipline Amirah when she stepped out of line of what he perceived to be Gods plan.  She put up with all that shit and the fact that he was also still sleeping with multiple other women.


And so, in this delusional and narcissistic headspace they began to plot the brutal murder of mother of his children, beautiful Noleen.  The end means was that Man Harron and Amirah would get the children.  That is it, the sole outcome they desired, and according to Man Harron, that God desired.


Now you might be pissed I keep referring to Noleen as beautiful, but I mean the girl is stunning, she was also a really nice person by all accounts. If you are a long-term listener to the show, you know I love a good word cloud.  What I do is I like to put them on a piece of paper when I study a person, so you put their name in the middle of a cloud and then you write little sentences or words that appear most frequently from those people who knew them and have given statements, and I think you kind of build a word image of the character of a person. this is some Noleen’s word cloud, generous to a fault, kind, engaging, beautiful in and out, like a sister, held my heart, best mum, the kindest woman, great laugh, ready with a smile, made you feel you were the only person in the world, sweet, right so you get the picture.


Wanna hear Amirah Droudis word cloud ok then you asked for it, no you didn’t but I am going to give it to you anyway. Moody, gullible, unkind, dark, jealous, closed minded, extreme, an inattentive mother, bad mum, easily led, unlucky in love, enraptured by men, broken, mean, a super needy friend, brainwashed, sulky, stupid, fat, obsessive.  So, you get the picture right, she didn’t endear herself to people. These women were polar opposites, night ad day, one was even light skinned and one was dark.  Its like Man Harron chose a bright, bubbly and beautiful woman and she would not submit to his will so he chose the opposite in his next partner.  You don’t need to hear Man Harron’s we talk about him enough for you to get the idea, dickhead is his word cloud.  That’s it done we can all go home. No really I do have more awful shit to tell you, in fact we are just getting to the awful shit.


They sat and planned out in detail, over two months, the murder of Noleen Hayson Pal, a woman whose biggest crime was making the mistake of trusting Man Harron and marrying him and having his kids.


Both were on good behaviour bonds for the horrible letters sent to the families of servicemen killed in the middle east.  This is their good behaviour.  Beginiing in March, Man Haron took out fire and flood insurance on his tiny little sublet apartment.  On the fourth floor, I wonder what he did that for, he was notoriously tight fisted with his living expenses.  One month later it would become obvious.


On the 21st of April 2013 Noleen went to Man Haron’s apartment building On Parkes Avenue in Werrington.  He lived on the fourth floor in apartment 43.


When she arrived Man Harron opened the door with his digital camera in her face, he was recording a video, a tiny boy can be heard saying Daddy while Man Harron drones on useless busy words in the background, Noleen dropped the boys and did not enter the apartment.  The pre-arranged pick up time for the visit was four pm, Noleen always collected the boys on time and alone.


These are events as we know for that fateful day, and well we know a tonne because Man Harron filmed his entire fucking day, that’s right he carried a camera with the date and time stamp turned on the camera for an entire day.  


He filmed himself going to the park with his boys, across the road from the flat and then meeting friends for lunch, moving further and further away from his apartment with them.  Then on to a water park at the Penrith pool area, always flipping the camera to show his face and making sure he narrated every moment then occasionally showing the street name or signs of the businesses they passed or used.  In one instance he even films the clock at the pool and comments to staff that the clock is a few minutes off, prepping his alibi.  The time on the pool clock is seven minutes to four, he complains that it is actually only ten minutes to four, all the while the boys can be heard splashing and laughing as he narrates the day.


If Noleen is due in 10 minutes at his apartment, Man Haron is already running late, the video shows no sign of a man in a hurry or one getting his kids ready to leave.  They play about at the pool for some time more.  


Across town Noleen parks her car, locks it and gats out.  She doesn’t know that she is about to walk into a trap.  Beginning that morning Amirah Droudis had prepared for four pm in great detail.


Amirah had collected a jerry can of petrol and prepared herself/  She had donned a Hijab with full body and face coverage in black, as she is seen appearing as sister Amirah in so many of Man Haron’s hate videos.  She collected the things she would need and an hour before Noleen was due to collect the boys, she headed up the stairs and hid in the hallway outside Man Haron’s apartment number 43.  She must have been shaking and hot under all of those layers on unseasonably warm day.  She had every chance to change her mind, but she crouched, glued in the dark stairwell above the apartment of the love of her life, waiting for the woman she viewed as her competition for his affection and competition for the love his children.


Noleen was facing the door, I wonder if her spidey sense was tingling when Amirah leapt from the shadows and began to stab the thirty-year-old over and over.  In a fast and frenzied sustained attack Amirah Doudis stabbed Noleen Hayson Pal 18 times.  Blood licked off her knife and run up and down the hallway and pooled beneath Noleen on the cheap synthetic carpet.  Suburbs away Man Haron filmed himself putting his children into a car and preparing to leave the pool.  


The corner where the murder took place had no less that four doors opening to other apartments.  One resident heard the desperate screams of Noleen as Amirah covered the dying womans body in petrol and set her alight.  The resident screamed at Amirah and got one look at the killer.  She was described as a chubby white woman with dark eyes and eyebrows wearing a full Hijab.  


Man Harron filmed himself leaving his children with a friend and getting into his car, a black four wheel drive.  Cameras outside Penrith police station show Monis in his car swerving deliberately into a parked police van and then parking right out in front of the cop shop.  Yep he faked an accident and faked an injury and was taken to nearby Nepean hospital.  All on camera you see.  


The witness to Noleen’s murder tried to extinguish the flames but the door and the entire hallway was going up in flames.  The retreated to their apartment and desperately called for help.  They watched on helpless as Noleen Pal died and the entire stairwell was engulfed in flames.  


The fire was quickly put out and police identified Noleen.  They discovered that their old mate, Man Haron Manis, was in the midst of a bitter custody dispute with Noleen and that she had been murdered right out the front of his fully fire insured apartment.


They went to Nepean hospital to interview Man Haron about Noleens murder within the hour.  They also have a camera on them, so this footage is again available.  The balding fat man sits in the hospital bed wearing a white jumper and black tracksuit pants.  Police are straight up and say that his former partner is dead and they want him to assist them with information.  She died at your apartment building they inform him.  Man Haron put on a pretty shit performance, but it is obvious that he thinks police believe him. Hes all fake upset and then lays on the bad and waves them away, obviously too upset to talk.


Noleen’s family have to identify her charred remains and find out that their only daughter has been murdered, and where are their precious grandchildren? With their father, the man who had threatened to murder their mother.  So how do you all feel about the judge who threw out Noleen’s application for an AVO now.  How does she feel about it being a bit of a stretch that Man Haron had violent intentions towards his wife and that he was dangerous.  How do ASIO feel about their own summation that Man Harron was not a threat to Australins.  Noleen was an Australian was she not?


The next video is just fucking horrible, there is no other way to describe the utter horror for these little people.  Man Harron films as Amirah Droudis cooks his children dinner, runs through a night time routine and tucks them into bed.  When she kisses the eldest goodnight Man Haron says “Do you want mommy to lay down here and read books for you”.  He is refering to Doudis, who complies with a smile.  She had just taken the one person on which their whole world spun like an axis with such brutal force, and here she is, being called mummy. 


With the fucking hands she had just murdered their mother with she touches their faces and makes their meals.  With her bloody guilty hands.  Side note, she is also wearing a wedding ring.  This happened day in and day out as Man Haron and Amirah thought they had won the fight and gotten Noleen’s kids all to themselves.  


She touched them, cooked for them and cleaned the apartment with the hands that stabbed their mother 18 times and set her on fire just outside their front door.  What an evil wench right.  How do you sleep knowing that, so you detach yourself from the reality of what you have done?  But you walk past the spot you killed her every goddammed day, every time you leave the apartment or come home to the family, Noleen’s family, did she take joy in that moment, looking at the floor where Noleen bled on the carpet, where she pleaded for her life, where her beautiful shiny dark hair went up in flames?  Or did she avert her face, play coy and think of far off better and nicer things?  When the boys called her mummy, did she have a twinge of guilt for the life of their true mummy she had stolen from them or did she feel satisfaction.  Did Noleen know it was Amirah in those last fatefilled moments of agony, and therefore know to curse the name of her ex in her mind?  These are just some of the five hundred thousand questions I have for Amirah Droudis.


Within weeks child services moved in and the kids were placed in the care of Noleen’s parents.  Man Harron and sister Amirah fought for custody, and they fought hard.  The Pals moved to California with the boys eventually and the murder investigation moved in on Amirah and Man Haron.


There was never another suspect in this murder, Amirah was the only person who had anything to gain from Noleen’s death, and Man Haron was her only enemy.  


Detectives began to dig into Man Haron’s past and into his dodgy black magic healing services, because this is where Noleen’s family say that the couple first met.  When trolling though his client lists, a disturbing trend began to emerge, one of sexual assault and rape by Monis of his clients.


This is where we will pick up this disturbing tale next time, well because mainly this episode is about the heinous murder of Noleen and the awful time her children will always have, looking back on what their father and Amirah Droudis did to her, and also the happy family game they fooled these poor children with.  Other crimes are for another day. this day is about Noleen.  I will leave you with one thought from Noleen’s brother and her mother  


About the Sydney siege her brother Talat said Quote “ The siege could have been avoided, the system is fucked and let him out, this whole thing could have been avoided if they valued her life not his”, end quote. 


Momina, Noleen’s mother said quote “they let him free on the Sydney streets they should have let him rot in jail.” End quote.