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Heavy Metals in Spices, Hemp and Nutraceuticals

June 18, 2019 SPEX CertiPrep
Spex Speaks Science
Heavy Metals in Spices, Hemp and Nutraceuticals
Show Notes

Heavy metal exposure in the environment has led to toxic elements transitioning into our food and water supplies increasing human exposure. Agricultural products can be highly prone to heavy metal deposition and accumulation through repeated exposure to natural and contaminated environmental sources. In some cases, heavy metals are intentionally introduced to products as adulterants or to counterfeit high value commodities. The value of these commodities make them prone to adulteration and duplication. The consumption of botanical products has increased over the past two decades as consumers trend to what are perceived to be natural and high quality botanical products. The primary regions of spice and tea production around the world have often been cited as having less stringent safety and quality standards in regards to consumer products. Products from these regions have been noted to contain a variety of adulterants and contaminants including wear metals and toxic elements.

In this podcast we will explain several types of products which may accumulate heavy metals including spices, hemp and other nutraceuticals.

Hosted by Patricia Atkins, Spex's Senior Applications Scientist 

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