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Limiting Laboratory Exposure: A Chemist's Guide to the COVID-19 Outbreak

March 30, 2020
Spex Speaks Science
Limiting Laboratory Exposure: A Chemist's Guide to the COVID-19 Outbreak
Show Notes

Many chemists and scientists are considered essential personnel during the COVID-19 outbreak. While many chemists understand the nature of clean lab techniques, they might not be aware of how these techniques will protect them from a biological contamination risk. This podcast will talk about the fundamentals of a biological viral outbreak and discuss common and uncommon laboratory techniques that will limit spread and combat contamination. We will discuss additional points of protection and laboratory practices that can be enacted to ensure a higher degree of cleanliness. We will also talk about the inevitable result of potential chemical contamination, which can result, with the increased application of chemicals for biological protection.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Review of common laboratory cleanliness practices and how they can be increased or changed to also combat biological agents.
  • Discussion of the biology and virology involved of the current outbreak to the chemical community which has some knowledge of the process but does not see biology as part of their expertise.
  • Highlight where biological controls may contribute unfortunate chemical contamination to their analysis so that the community can be aware and minimize disruption to their work.

Hosted by Patricia Atkins and Rebekah Biermann of SPEX CertiPrep.

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