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Wet Chemistry

July 19, 2021 Spex, an Antylia Scientific company
Spex Speaks Science
Wet Chemistry
Show Notes

Analytical chemistry consists of classical methods (i.e. wet chemical methods) and instrumental methods (i.e. spectrometry, chromatography etc.). Wet chemistry or classical analysis are forms of analytical chemistry that use proven historical (classical) methods to determine the identity, amount or form of an analyte or element using wet techniques. Wet chemistry is sometimes called bench chemistry since many methods or assays occur at the laboratory bench and use laboratory glassware or plastic-ware.  

In this podcast, Patricia Atkins is joined with Spex Chemist, Brij Tonk. Patricia and Brij touch on how Spex has grown over the years and the basics behind wet chemistry.

Hosted by Patricia Atkins, Spex's Senior Applications Scientist 

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