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Episode 10. Understanding the Customer Sales Cycle

July 16, 2019 Traci Reuter, Founder & CEO of Divine Social Season 1 Episode 10
EXPOsed Conferences™ Podcast
Episode 10. Understanding the Customer Sales Cycle
Show Notes

On Today’s Episode of EXPOsed Conferences™ Podcast I’m talking with Traci Reuter, Founder & CEO of Divine Social.  Traci helps business owners build and grow their brand so they can focus on providing value to their customers.  She has 25 years of experience in sales and marketing and is blessed with the uncanny ability to take a companies mission, vision and message and get it in front of the right people at the right time through authentic marketing.

On this episode Traci will be sharing her knowledge and expertise of sales and marketing a sit relates to conferences so that organizers can better understand their customers and clients optimize and monetize their shows while building client relationships.

Learn more about Traci Reuter, Founder & CEO of Divine Social HERE

Check out Traci on YouTube HERE and her special webpage specific for EXPOsed Conference listeners HERE

On today's episode we will expose...

-Understanding the phases of the Customer Sales Cycle
-Moving a company from awareness to purchase
-Why the sales cycle should "Start from the end in mind.."
-Today's Business Visibility Problem: Breaking through the advertisement noise
most under utilized and powerful type of advertising
- "Woo-ing" your prospect
-Suggestions for speeding up the sales cycle process
-The three pillars to successful social advertising
-The Emotional Bank Account: Creating Deposits in Your Customers Life to become the trusted advisor
-Leading so that your content is congruent with your goal
-Tips and suggestions for rewarding new and existing customers
-Voting with their dollars, valuing your customers and clients so they spend with you!
-Creating a Value Add for your Customers to Capitalize on their event experience
-Getting a "leg up" on curating and collecting your event content to use throughout the year

-The customer sales cycle

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