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Episode 12. Working with your Onsite Venue Events Team and an Inside Scoop to Hosting an Event in NOLA.

February 11, 2020 Kristina Daniele Season 2 Episode 12
EXPOsed Conferences™ Podcast
Episode 12. Working with your Onsite Venue Events Team and an Inside Scoop to Hosting an Event in NOLA.
Show Notes

On Today’s Episode of EXPOsed Conferences™ Podcast I’m talking with Laurel Mattice, Event Manager at the New Orleans Marriott.  Laurel attended Hope College in Holland Michigan.  After she graduated she moved to Greenville South Carolina and in her time there worked as the Event Manger at the Greenville Marriott handling social groups and many college sports team.  After almost three years at the property she moved to New Orleans and began working at the New Orleans Marriott as the Event Manager her current role past two years.

On Today’s episode, Laurel will be sharing her tips with working with conference venues specifically working with large brand hotels and will give us insight into what conference planners can do in preparation of their events and tips and advice to capture the essence of the city they are in.

On today's episode we will expose...

-Insight scoop from the venue side from a large brand hotel!
-What ways can your team prepare or share with your venue prior to your event
-All things NOLA (Why visit? What time is best to host an event? Getting Around and more!)
-Key items to ask your Event Manger in preparation of your event
-Why it's important to set expectations in advance
-Tips to design and create successful event experiences
-Marriott Red Coats; utilizing the app or a venue onsite property resources
-Why meeting rooms are so COLD?! No seriously..... ;)
-What new requests that meetings are starting to incorporate into their events?
-Best practices for bringing outside vendors on property
-How to keep your attendees on property and capture the vitality of the event city
-What out of the box ideas are attendees incorporating into their events

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