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Episode 13. Rise: Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. Stay Positive.

March 16, 2020
EXPOsed Conferences™ Podcast
Episode 13. Rise: Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. Stay Positive.
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On Today’s Episode of EXPOsed Conferences™ Podcast I wanted to take this time to acknowledge the current climate that we are in and share with you some resources that can help you and your organizations during this difficult and challenging time.

We are all in this together.  We are all navigating this the best we can.  I recently shared a post on instagram re: creating a Plan B for our events and the actions we take towards creating a contingency plan. Unfortunately this is not an area that we ever saw coming nor could have planned for.  In our industry, as planners, we are used to preparing ourselves for the unexpected, preparing for odd occurrences in our events that we might have to make adjustments.   We are used to quick thinking and making quick changes.  However, I believe I can speak for the majority when I say you cannot plan for this. Each day, each hour the plans continue to change.

Nobody has all the answers and I'm sure it will be quite some time before things get truly back to normal, however I do hope that you find some time each day to take rest, do things that help you to calm yourself and your mind and find even the slightest ways to encourage forward movement. 

What ways can you find in the day to create routine, normalcy or even peace of mind?

Continue to do what you do as best as you can and remember to check in with others as well.  Not everyone sees the world and the current environment the way you do.  So check in and make sure they are okay too.   I'm sure you've heard by now the term "social distancing".  I ask you to remember social distancing doesn't mean isolation from connecting with others.  You can still call, send an email or connect over social media. 

Most importantly check-in with yourself. 

I know there is a ton of information already out there and I'm obviously not an expert on this issue but I hope I can at least share with you some links and resources that you can use for your own organizations and events. 

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy and Stay Positive.

Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC)

Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Coronavirus and COVID-19 Resources for Employers

Articles and Resources on Coronavirus for Events:
A comprehensive list of Tips, Tools, and Examples for Event Organizers during the Coronavirus Outbreak
David Spinks, CMX

Go Forward, Cancel, Postpone, Wash Your Hands, Rinse........and Repeat
Lisa Block, EVP, Conference Strategy at Velvet Chainsaw

Virtual Co-Working - Holding each other accountable
Beth Lawrence Meetings & Events

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