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Episode 16. Navigating the Current Event Environment: Moving From Fear to Courage

May 05, 2020 Jefferson Davis, Competitive Edge Season 2 Episode 17
EXPOsed Conferences™ Podcast
Episode 16. Navigating the Current Event Environment: Moving From Fear to Courage
Show Notes

On Today’s Episode of EXPOsed Conferences™ Podcast I sit down with Jefferson Davis - President of Competitive Edge.  Jefferson is a leading tradeshow productivity expert who for 29 years has been helping show organizers get, keep and grow exhibitors.  His company provides advanced level sales training for show organizers along with award winning exhibitor communication and education programs.  His client list reads like a a “who’s who” in the exposition industry.  

Learn more about Jefferson Davis, Competitive Edge HERE

As well, read the McKinsey Research Report which Jefferson mentioned in this episode: The McKinsey Report Safeguarding Lives & Livelihood: The imperative of this time

On this episode we will expose...

-The impact of the tradeshow industry on the economy
-How uncertainty shows up in times of crisis
-How the conference industry can move from Fear to Courage
-What challenges event organizers will be faced with as events are being cancelled and postponed
-Best practices for communicating to stakeholders during this time
-How to balance our relationships while honoring our contracts
-Rebooting events and retaining attendees and exhibitors
-What concerns will event organizers need to address in the coming months
-Why sensitivity, grace and patience are key at this time
-Taking our industry back!

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