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Episode 15. Building Your Virtual Sponsorship Packages and Creating Value for your Stakeholders

April 29, 2020 Kristina Daniele
EXPOsed Conferences™ Podcast
Episode 15. Building Your Virtual Sponsorship Packages and Creating Value for your Stakeholders
Show Notes

On Today’s Episode of EXPOsed Conferences™ Podcast I’m discussing Virtual Event Sponsorship Packages. I'm going to be helping you build out your sponsorships, give you examples of some unique and innovative sponsorship offerings.   I'll show you how to create value for your stakeholders and give you some key items that you can offer in your list of benefits.  And finally I"ll give you some suggestions on how to determine the appropriate cost for your virtual event sponsorships.

On today's episode we will expose...

-The two primary models that are used to build out your sponsorship
-How to determine many sponsorship packages you need to achieve your revenue goals
-Examples of unique and innovative sponsorship Items  (See Below for the complete list!)
-Creating value for your sponsors to further engage with your attendees pre or post event
-What top 2 items factor in pricing out your sponsorships
-How analytics can help leverage your sponsorship packages and price points

Below is a list of ALL the sponsorships discussed on today's episode as well as several more! Use this to build out your sponsorship tiers or use all of them to create an A LA Carte Model. 

1. On Demand Sponsor
2. Registration Pages
3. Banner Ads
4. Transition Slides
5. Speaking Opportunities
6. Break Chat Host
7. Virtual Tradeshow
8. Virtual Happy Hours, Stretch Breaks and DJ Dance Parties (My favorite!)
9. Surprise & Delight Moments
10.Virtual Swag

Below are some additional fun and unique options to also consider!!
*Entertainment Breaks
*Push Notifications or notifications through your event software
*Gamification, Polls & Quizzes
*Branded Breakout Rooms
*Coordinated Food Delivery - l absolutely love this idea esp. now when everyone is at home social distancing!  
*Social Media Sponsorships to include InstaStories or Ads
*Virtual Photo Booth

On this episode, I discussed the Virtual Photo Booth that I took part of .....I wasn't able to find the exact vendor that was used a the event I took part of however check out the link HERE to get more information for another vendor and use it at your own virtual event!  Remember there are so many ways to use this time to think outside the box!

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