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Episode 19. Work. Home. Life: Practicing Mindfulness and Leading with Grace

May 19, 2020 Kristina Daniele Season 2 Episode 19
EXPOsed Conferences™ Podcast
Episode 19. Work. Home. Life: Practicing Mindfulness and Leading with Grace
Show Notes

On Today’s Episode I’m speaking MICHELLE M. GOMEZ, MBA, The Latina Career & Life Coach, speaker and author of Own Your Brilliance: Overcome Impostor Syndrome for Career Success

Michelle has earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and a master’s degree in Business Administration. She has over 21 years of experience learning, navigating, and overcoming obstacles that plague women in the corporate environment. Gomez is passionate about helping Latinas achieve positions of power and influence through effective career planning and personal advocacy. Gomez uses her expertise in executive presence, professional communication, personal branding, leadership quality, and negotiation methods to empower Latinas toward their personal and professional goals. 

As a working mom, holding down a corporate job while building her coaching business, Michelle helps other working moms develop a work/life design that incorporates career ambition and conscious parenting through inner-feminine healing. Recently, she’s launched a new area of her life coaching practice called Healed Hijas; a program focused on helping adult daughters heal their Latina Mother Wounds. 

You can learn more about Michelle Gomez HERE

On Today's episode we discuss the challenges and many roles that an event organizer now plays at home taking on more roles: parent, spouse, care taker, cook, maid, employer/employee, dog walker and more and all while under ONE ROOF! Tune in as Michelle offers some  great suggestions and tips for practicing mindfulness and leading with grace as we try to balance our work, our home and taking time for ourselves.

On this episode we will expose...

-Understanding impermanence and how this too will strengthen our resilience 
-The importance of extending grace to yourself and to others
-Why "lag time" can be beneficial for completing daily tasks 
-Morning Power Hour: Giving to yourself before giving to others
-How you can use this time for self- mastery and for creating new and better habits
-Leading From Home: How to set the tone with your employees and your relationships
-How learning your teams communication style can impact productivity
-Discovering what motivates your employees and how can you reward them
-Giving your employees and "OUT" and building trust between one another
-Rewarding yourself! Making sure you find opportunities to relax and reset
-Being mindful of where others are at and how they are showing up at this time

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