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Episode 24. Why Gamify?: The Benefits of Gamification in Virtual Events

July 14, 2020
EXPOsed Conferences™ Podcast
Episode 24. Why Gamify?: The Benefits of Gamification in Virtual Events
Show Notes

On Today’s Episode I’m speaking with John Capano, Senior Vice President of Client Development of Impact XM.  John brings two decades of experience as a strategy and marketing leader across several industries including automotive, technology, travel, and business services. With a wide range of expertise in B2B and B2C strategy, brand development, and experiential marketing, John’s brand experience includes multiple Fortune 100 global clients.  John applies his expertise in strategy, digital, and client service — for both B2B and B2C programs — to Impact XM’s growing portfolio of tier 1 trade show, event and experiential marketing projects.

About Impact XM

Impact XM is global event and experiential marketing agency that specializes in immersive live and virtual experiences, engagements, brand activations, and temporary and permanent environments. The agency provides clients with a customized suite of services spanning program management, strategy, creative, production, fabrication, logistics and measurement.

Learn more about John Capano HERE

On Today's episode we expand on some previous discussion on the virtual event space and how to implement gamification into your event, the benefits of adding gamification and why it's such an easy way to create additional opportunities for connection and engagement not only during the event but how you can use it for touch points before and after your event as well.

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