All Things Work

Team Building During a Pandemic with Elizabeth Bille

October 23, 2020 Society for Human Resource Management
All Things Work
Team Building During a Pandemic with Elizabeth Bille
Show Notes

SHRM’s All Things Work podcast continues to provide coverage of how the world of work is responding to the pandemic.

The large-scale shift to remote work in response to COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the experience of how employees interact with one another, especially as teams. The absence of employees’ proximity also eliminates both the physical cues and informal, non-work related interactions between team members that are so important in producing a shared sense of connection and cohesion.

As a result, organizations are having to rethink what they can do to create that experience of interpersonal connectivity when team members can’t be in the same place.

Joining us to discuss effective team building during a pandemic is Elizabeth Bille. Elizabeth is Senior Vice President of Workplace Culture at EVERFI, a leading provider of workplace training.

In this episode, hear Elizabeth and host Tony Lee discuss steps employers can take to create a remote work experience that achieves the same sense of togetherness that accompanies onsite work.

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