Let's Get Two

Let's Get Two: National Hat Day 2021

January 13, 2021 James Christopher Season 2 Episode 83
Let's Get Two
Let's Get Two: National Hat Day 2021
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We’re dedicating the episode to baseball fan and hat aficionado Jon Laurendeau (12/3/1960 - 12/28/2020). Jon was a a great friend to Erik Mertens. Check out Erik’s segment. For more about Jon.

Since the finale, we’ve got new lids from:

Hagerstown Suns

Asheville Tourists

Norfolk Tides

Madison Mallards

Corpus Christi Hooks

Vermont. Lake Monsters

Mahoning Valley Scrappers

Everett Aqua Sox

Wilmington Blue Rocks 

0:06:48 - Show & Tell: Scott, Tim, Andy, Jess and I show off and tell the stories about our favorite hats.

0:37:31 - Erik The Peanut Guy: Erik is here to talk his hat collection, what makes a good hat and more.

0:57:23 - Hardy The Hat Guy is showing off his hat collection and talking baseball in Indiana.

1:11:29 - Spencer Schwartz is talking Yankees caps and the Twitter hat community. 

1:25:12 - Raiders of the Lost Diamond: Andrew takes us through the history of the baseball cap.

1:49:51 - Closing It Out: Jessica is here with Quint as we reveal her middle names. Hint: the Tacoma RainiersBowling Green Hot Rods and Turbo the Bat Dog should pay attention. 

Show & Tell
Erik The Peanut Guy
Hardy The Hat Guy
Spencer Schwartz
Raiders of the Lost Diamond
Closing it Out