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Let's Get Two S3 Ep 14 "Ping Happens"

June 03, 2021 James Christopher
From The Peanut Gallery
Let's Get Two S3 Ep 14 "Ping Happens"
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The First Pitch: Why Jim loves college baseball and college softball.

(0:06:07) On Deck: Apollo Dez, one of the masterminds behind Apollo Media, including the Road to Omaha, breaks down the NCAA Baseball Tourney.

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(0:25:51) McEntire Mule: Scott and I talk College Baseball tournaments and how super good they are at a sticking to schedules.

(0:37:22) Who’s On First: We’re joined by the GM of the Waterloo Bucks,Dan Corbin, as they prepare start their Northwoods League season.

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(0:51:03) Pullman’s View: Andrew Felts of the Round Rock Express highlights the next home stand, including ‘Princess Night’ snd ‘Win A Used Car Night’

(1:00:08) Claw Talk:  Our monthly focus on the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs featuring the voice of the Blue Crabs,  Andrew Bandstra.

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(1:10:47) Good Wood: Andy and I talk state of the MLB as we move into June.

(1:21:24) Go Go Astros: It’s after Memorial Day. Where are the Astros?

(1:32:59) Into the Storm: Sharing our interview with Omaha Storm Chasers president, Martie Cordaro.

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(1:48:12) Closing It Out: Jim offer’s some free advice on the teams visiting Disch Falk Field for the Austin Regional. 

On Deck
McEntire Mule
Who's On First
Pullman's View - Round Rock Express
Claw Talk. - Southern Maryland Blue Crabs
Good Wood
Go Go Astros (w Andy Tomczeszyn)
Eye Of The Storm: Omaha Storm Chasers
Closing it Out