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Let's Get Two S3 E15 "Mission(s): Omaha"

June 10, 2021 James Christopher
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Let's Get Two S3 E15 "Mission(s): Omaha"
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Our first out of state trip of the year!

OPEN:We’re coming to you from Werner Park, home of the Omaha Storm Chasers!  Follow them here:

0:01:59 WHO’S ON FIRST: We’ve got Jeremy Sneed from the San Antonio Missions talking about the Missions and the Flying Chanclas and baseball in the historic city of San Antonio.

Follow them here:

0:12:18  FROM THE BLEACHERS:  Tim and I get up to Werner Park 

0:15:58 LET’S GET TWO….OF THAT: Tim visits with Werner Park Executive Chef Matt Atkinson on the food strategy at the ballpark.

0:19:34 HOLLER AND SWALLER: 50 Summers director Dan Napoli is here talking new projects while we knock back an Alestorm from Nebraska Brewing. 

0:25:14: SHOW ME THE MERCH: Cool swag from the Omaha Storm Chasers pro shop. Check them out online.

0:26:18: McENTIRE MULE: Scott previews the results his 

0:43:47 GOOD WOOD: Andy is talking sticky stuff.

1:05:52 GO GO ASTROS: Brian is here to talk about the expert in all things Astros…a beat writer from the Mets…?

1:22:53 CLOSING IT OUT: Farewell from the great state of Nebraska.  

On Deck
From The Bleachers
Let's Get Two...Of That
Holler and a Swaller
Show. Me. The. Merch.
McEntire Mule
Good Wood
Go Go Astros
Closing it Out