Ms. Jalene Mack

March 21, 2019 Season 1 Episode 9
Show Notes

 In looking at African-American women emerging as leaders to the national forefront, Entertainment Attorney Jalene M. Mack will not be overlooked. Jalene is not only an entertainment attorney but has successfully integrated the demanding roles of wife, mother, actress, playwright, producer, writer, founder of a performing arts nonprofit by keeping the focus on her long-term goal “to make an impact on the entertainment industry”. 

 Born on January 10th in Kansas City, Missouri, Jalene was raised from the age of seven in the City of New Orleans where her sense of “involvement and participation” was established and nurtured through collective community celebration of culture and the arts. Educated through the Catholic school system and immersed in dance and theater from childhood, Jalene developed a deep rooted passion for the arts with an emphasis on education early in life. 


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