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Episode 54 - Hard Ramblin' Heroes
October 02, 2015 Altered Egos Comics & Games in Orange Park, FL.

Episode 54 brings Jonathan and Carey back to the mic, joined by Super Couple and store customers, Briannon and Kevin. They talk about the few titles that made it in for the last week of September and then look forward to the first New Comic Book Day of October with more than a little trepitatious excitement.

The Ramble On starts ramblin' on early, escaping the boundaries of its own section to be peppered throughout the show. The group theorizes, postulates, and just flat out opines about, among other things, Marvel's All New All Different that starts in October, comics we'd like to have with us if we were isolated, DC's single versus collected edition habits, trades versus deluxe collected editions, fan-service writing, and other random topics.

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