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Episode 55 - We Have You Five By Five
October 09, 2015 Altered Egos Comics & Games in Orange Park, FL.

And here we are at last, the final quarter of 2015, and the beginning of October. Despite the delays of Secret Wars, Marvel's All New All Different line launched on time. And He Who Counts Comics, They That Buy Comics, and the Whiskered One review all of those and every other new series title that made it into the store for New Comic Book Day 10/07/2015 and look ahead to 10/14/2015.

The Ramble On is shorter than the intro this week, but still manages to cover two listener questions. One from Super Fan and Lord of Texas, Zack, about the Boom! Innovator Program, and one from the Vice President of the Carey Bourne International Fan Club, Regina Hüssendôrf, about books that are both disliked and "can't miss".

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