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Altered Egos Comics Podcast
Episode 119 - A Bramble Through The Thickets
January 14, 2017 Altered Egos Comics & Games in Orange Park, FL.

William is back to help Jonathan with this week's Altered Egos Comics Podcast (and to remind him to post episode 118), which they recorded on Saturday, to avoid any paraskevidekatriaphobic shenanigans. They look at New Comic Day Books for 01/11/207 and ahead to new titles for 01/18/2017.

For the Ramble On, Jonathan and William ineptly delve into the concept of comic book collectiblity, collecting for fun, and collecting for profit.

Section Start Times

  • Part I - New Comic Book Day and beyond - 1:37
  • Part II - The Ramble On - 56:23
  • Part III - Recommendations - 2:01:35
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