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UX: How Humans Interact with Products

September 17, 2021 Rohan Naggi with Ritesh Tiwari, Laurel Beyers, Leah Callahan Season 1 Episode 34
SD-WAN 360
UX: How Humans Interact with Products
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UX: How Humans Interact with Products

 Great products generally overcome great design challenges. Users want products to be simple, eliminating the need for a lab guide or an operating manual. As a result, designers must think outside the box to make products easy to consume. For example, since the advent of the smartphone in 1994, its design has radically evolved over the years, adding applications that are easier than ever to use due to consumer demand.

 Across industries, enterprises are placing more and more emphasis on user experience (UX). But defining UX can be complicated. In this episode, we will demystify the term and cut through the tech talk so anyone can easily understand it.

 Our panel of design experts will share their unique points of view on the definition of UX, focusing on accessibility and ease of use, which have become industry standards for many products. 

 Additionally, our panel will do a deep dive into the design process, which spans the research phase and the collection of user pain points to scoping the end-to-end flow to troubleshooting.

In this exciting episode, we will explore: 

·       What is UX? 

·       Why is product design and functionality so important?

·       What’s the design process and what does it encompass?

·       How does VMware SASE assist with UX design?

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Guest Introduction
Guest 1 Ritesh Tiwari Introduction
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Introduction to UX Episode
UX 101? What is User Experience (UX)
Explaining UX definition to a 7 year old Kid
Another way of defining UX
Is UI and UX the same? Are the related?
User Interface (UI): When to use Checkbox or drop down Ease of Use?
Research is important for UI
Challenges in Enterprise product VS consumer based
challenges in making a design for UX
Importance of design and Functionality
What is the design process and what does it encompass?
Summarizing the Design process for the UX
UX & Accessibility
VMware Role in Accessibility
Ideal Engineering:Designer ratio.
Commonly used tools
What has SASE journey into UX and leading into?
Where is UX industry heading? Future...
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