Portraits in Color

Stop the Asian Hate

March 22, 2021 Dr. Frank Mirabal Season 3 Episode 41
Portraits in Color
Stop the Asian Hate
Show Notes

The recent mass shooting in Atlanta remind us of the deep divides that exist in our country. Naturally, given what we know about the case, we have to ask the question: "were the shootings racially motivated." Dr. Frank explores this question and gives insight to why we can't ignore the history of racism against Asian Americans in this country, the hateful speech that flowed as a result of the coronavirus, and the racist tropes of Asian women in particular.

This episode also sheds light on the inhumane treatment of children in detention facilities along the border as a result of failed U.S. immigration policy. Dr. Frank makes the case for comprehensive immigration reform and holds policy makers on both sides of the aisle to account for our nation's failed immigration policy.

BONUS: At the end of this podcast, Dr. Frank shares an unreleased music track titled "The Border," which was written, produced, and performed by Frank "Kiko" Mirabal.

The Border Credits:
Written, produced and performed by Frank "Kiko" Mirabal
Drums, Keyboards, Bass & Vocals: Frank "Kiko" Mirabal
Additional Vocals: Jak Bailey
Guitar Solo: Exavier "Mr. Ex" Viramontez
Spoken Word: Analisse Mirabal