The Police & The People

Episode 12 - Interview with Pat McNamara of TMACSINC

June 13, 2019 Timothy Jones & Joshua Stokel Episode 12
The Police & The People
Episode 12 - Interview with Pat McNamara of TMACSINC
Show Notes


Today’s Show will cover:

1. Today’s show will be an interview with Pat McNamara

·      Retired Army SF

·      Owns & operates TMACS, Inc Training company

·      The University of Badassery Podcast with C. J. Ortiz

But first:

o   GSPCC – WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO – We want to enhance the careers of law enforcement & corrections officers everywhere. 

o   HOW – competitive hosting agreements, instructors that are experts in their fields, 

o   WHAT WE OFFER ……next class dates, hosting opportunities, leadership consulting

Intro Music

Intro to interview - Josh could not be with us due to schedule.

Interview with Pat McNamara

1. For those that do not know who you are, tell us a little about your background.

2. Tell us about TMACS, Inc. 

3. Are you familiar with the current issue in law enforcement where there is a push to change mindsets from warrior to guardian?

4. We have always contended that officers can be both. Similar to a cat, we keep the claws retracted until they have to come out. 

5. Are you familiar with the Mayor of Minneapolis banning “warrior” type training? 

6. I guess my first question to the Mayor is, what exactly is “warrior” training?

7. Your thoughts on the training ban?

8. In your experience with training police, do you feel they are beady eyed killers?

9. You have the absolute best workout videos on IG. You speak often of functional fitness. Can you explain what you mean by that?

10. We often preach of the importance for police officers to workout and stay healthy for various reasons. What would you say to a cop that chooses to hit the donut shops instead of the gym?

11. I am a BIG fan of IPA’s. What would you say is one of the top IPA’s you turn to? 

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·      Closing

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