The Police & The People

Episode 14 - Questions and Police - The Light in the Darkness

September 09, 2019 Timothy Jones & Joshua Stokel Episode 14
The Police & The People
Episode 14 - Questions and Police - The Light in the Darkness
Show Notes


Today’s Show will cover:

1. more police questions

2. Josh and I will talk about some of the current issues facing law enforcement today, such as water being thrown on NYC police officers, Starbucks, etc. 

But first:

o   GSPCC – WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO – We want to enhance the careers of law enforcement & corrections officers everywhere. 

o   HOW – competitive hosting agreements, instructors that are experts in their fields, 

o   WHAT WE OFFER ……next class dates, hosting opportunities, leadership consulting

o   Lucas’s business

o   Any true sponsors

Intro Music

·      Josh & Tim intro – how do ya do? Small talk – 5 MINUTES

·      Questions

o   What do police officers learn in the academy?

o   If I want to file a complaint against a police officer, what should I do?

o   Why are police dogs so mean?

·      Main Topic – current issue facing LEO’s

o   Water thrown on NYC officers

o   Philly officers at the scene of a mass shooting being harassed

o   Officers being asked to leave Starbucks


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