The Police & The People

Episode 16 - Interview with LT. Chad Shevlin & a Management Nugget

October 04, 2019 Timothy Jones & Joshua Stokel Episode 16
The Police & The People
Episode 16 - Interview with LT. Chad Shevlin & a Management Nugget
Show Notes


Today’s Show will cover:

1.  Interview with LT Chad Shevlin of the Raymond (NH) Police Department

2.  Management Nugget – A discussion on Strategic Planning, specifically SWOT Analysis

But first:

o   GSPCC – WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO – We want to enhance the careers of law enforcement & corrections officers everywhere. 

o   HOW – competitive hosting agreements, instructors that are experts in their fields, 

o   WHAT WE OFFER ……next class dates, hosting opportunities, leadership consulting

Intro Music

Josh & Tim intro – how do ya do? Small talk – 5 MINUTES

Our guest today is Lt. Chad Shevlin. 

o   Chad is a Veteran of the Iraq War 

o   Chad served in the Marine Corps

o   Chad was the victim of an RPG attack in Baghdad 

o   Why don’t you tell us your story Chad

o   Were you married while in the military?

o   What was your recovery like?

o   Do you feel you suffered from PTSD?

o   What advice would you give to military vets and police officers that may be suffering?

·      Support Systems Available

o   National Suicide Hotline & Veteran Crisis Line – 800-273-8255

§  The above number is for vets and non-vets. 

o   National COPLINE – 800-267-5463

Management Nugget – Strategic Planning – when to use it

o   SWOT Analysis – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats

o   Rocklin PD’s Strategic Plan



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