The Police & The People

Episode 26 - State of Law Enforcement in the US

July 28, 2020 Timothy Jones & Joshua Stokel Episode 26
The Police & The People
Episode 26 - State of Law Enforcement in the US
Show Notes


Today’s Show will cover:

1. Discuss Current State of Law Enforcement Affairs

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1. Discuss Current State of Law Enforcement Affairs

            Condone Derek Chauvin

            Condone all misuse of force

            Also condone the idea that you have to fight with police

            Changing certain cultures in police departments

                        Policing is a service – PERIOD!

                        Get back to Peelian Principles

                        It is not an “us vs. them” job

                        Police leaders are to blame for allowing toxic cultures to form

Police leaders need to knock off the white shirts and reconnect with the rank and file

Defunding the police is a terrible idea – ex. NY, Chicago, etc.

How do we get back to the broken windows modeClosing

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