The Police & The People

Episode 29 - Interview with Phil Holland

December 31, 2020 Timothy Jones & Joshua Stokel Episode 29
The Police & The People
Episode 29 - Interview with Phil Holland
Show Notes


Today’s Show will cover:

1. Interview with Phil Holland

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 Interview with Phil Holland

Phil Holland is from Philadelphia. In 2014, Phil was delivering pizza. After returning to his car from a delivery, he was approached by two men. Phil, fearing he was being robbed, attempted to drive away. He was shot three times. The two men were plain clothed police officers. Phil survived his wounds, but is still suffering from one shot that was to his headPhil reached out to The Police & The People and asked if he could tell his story. Here it is.

Discussion Points:

1. Did anyone from the police department ever reach out to you personally?

2. Have any of the officers involved ever contact you?

3. Do you think the officers shot you because of your race?

4. Do you know if PPD changed their plain clothes policy?

5. An article I read stated that you were working 2 jobs to put yourself through school. Were you able to finish?

6. Do you have an opinion on how police departments can improve relations with the black community?


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