Just Education Podcast: Mentorships in Education

Wrap around Justice: a more effective and compassionate approach

May 25, 2023 Judi Epstein Episode 52
Just Education Podcast: Mentorships in Education
Wrap around Justice: a more effective and compassionate approach
Show Notes

Police are at the forefront of our news today.  And for good, well, not so good,  reasons.  We have a lot of work to do to address the cancer that has been left for so long to fester.  As I looked into supporting kids who are not in our educational system, or who may be there but are slipping by us, I became aware it is this very system I am so  critical of, that is doing some of the best and most effective and creative work in the community.

Listen to Dr. Chief Ruben Quesada of the Swampscott, MA police department introduce my next series on Restorative Justice, Community engagement and Youth participation.

Watch for my June podcast with Dr Joel Caplan, as he returns from Washington, DC and a meeting with the DOJ. He will introduce us to  Risk Terrain Modeling and DICE software that is changing the landscape of Policing in the US and around the world.


Ruben Quesada was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. Ruben was an at-risk
student whose interest in police work began at 16 years of age after his arrest and
subsequent involvement with the Police Activities League.
Ruben began his career in law enforcement as a student intern with the Flagstaff,
Arizona Police Department.  In 1993, just prior to graduating from college, Ruben
became a reserve police officer with the Glendale, Arizona Police Department. In
1995, Ruben was hired full-time with the Mesa, Arizona Police Department where
he ascended to the rank of Police Commander. He retired from Mesa Police
Department in August 2020 and became the Deputy Chief of Police at Northern
Essex Community College Police Department. Ruben was sworn in as the Chief of
Police in Swampscott, MA on April 6, 2022. 
As an officer, Ruben worked and supervised a variety of assignments to include:
patrol officer, field training officer, undercover narcotics detective, media
relations, Criminal Investigations Division, Family Advocacy Center, Street
Crimes Unit, Gang Unit, Internal Affairs, Operations, and Hiring/Recruiting. In
2017, Ruben attained his Doctorate in Education from Grand Canyon University in
Phoenix, Arizona. Ruben is a staunch advocate of community policing and is
honored to represent the incredible Town of Swampscott and the proud and
dedicated men and women of the Swampscott Police Department.