Just Education Podcast: Mentorships in Education

A New Perspective of Independent Living

July 26, 2021 Judi Epstein
Just Education Podcast: Mentorships in Education
A New Perspective of Independent Living
Show Notes

Join me in a discussion with J. David Hall when we introduce his globally recognized Neuro Guides and their approach to coaching neuro-divergent youth and corporations as they intersect in the workforce.

Mentorships in Education is brought to you by Just Education, LLC and is hosted by Judith Epstein. Judi has a Master's degree in Education with a concentration in Language Acquisition. She is certified in special education with post-graduate coursework and professional development in Cognitive Behavior therapy (CBT), Social Thinking, Collaborative and Proactive Solutions (CPS), and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). Judi created Just Education, LLC and its podcast component, to compile a free resource library for mentors of students who struggle and address a wide variety of topics that are all related to education and student success.

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About J David Hall

Corporate neurodiversity consultant, Doctoral student at Seattle University, Founder and CEO of NeuroGuides.org, keynote speaker, autistic life coach for autistic persons, anti-racist, relationship purist, cultural bridge-builder, and writer.
 Passionately focused on guiding autistic and other neurodivergent persons to discover their strengths, gifts and enjoy meaningful lives. A relentless optimist, an encourager who is out to build up individuals, to better communities one great relationship at a time.
 Recent and upcoming appearances include:
 Recent visits and upcoming appearances include: Different Brains, Spectrum Lights Inclusion Summit, Southwest Washington Autism Conference, Bellingham SHRM, Microsoft, Seattle Aspiring Youth/Delphi Programs/Ryther, Stanford University Neurodiversity Summit, Elijah Winfrey Show, North Carolina University, Neuroguides Parent Webinars, corporate leadership trainings with Fortune 500 companies and government agencies in neurodiversity hiring and inclusivity and more.


David Hall is the founder of the Foundation for LifeGuides for Autistics (LGFA) / NeuroGuides, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization established in 2017. His organization provides business consultations and life coaching for autistic people and other neurodivergent persons worldwide. His team of Neuroguides (life and job coaches) works closely with autistic individuals in helping them to succeed socially, occupationally, and relationally. A father to three autistic persons and on the autism spectrum (ASD) himself, David is passionately focused on guiding neurodivergent persons to discover their strengths and to enjoy meaningful lives. Known as a relentless optimist and encourager, David speaks at various national events and is a sought-after consultant for corporations. LGFA / Neuroguides is partnered with Neoclastic.com, a not-for-profit writers’ platform that documents the autistic experience through the lens and work of autistic individuals. David is a doctoral student in Educational and Organizational Learning and Leadership at Seattle University.


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