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Episode 14 - IBM Maximo 8: A New Operating System

December 12, 2021 Alex Walter
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Alex speaks with Jenny Wang of IBM on the team effort and pride of accomplishment of achieving their goals with Max8.  They delve into the sophisticated framework that revolutionizes the way Maximo is delivered while maintaining the surface similarities. It's a work of art. 

Jenny Wang's Beginning in the Maximo Field
Transforming Maximo to the Hybrid Cloud
What is a Container
Performance Enhancements and Fine Tuning Environments
Making Maximo More Flexible and Efficient
Specified Imaging for Maximo Deployment
What Changed in Maximo 8 for Integration
What Changed in Maximo 8 for Configuration
The Biggest Challenges Shifting to the New Maximo Architecture
Collecting Feedback from Maximo Users
Maximo Community Collaboration
What's Next for Maximo