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Is too much screen time harmful to your child's brain?

January 23, 2020 Chris Dix; Dr. Andrew Sauer
The PG Podcast
Is too much screen time harmful to your child's brain?
Show Notes

This episode features my interview with Dr. Andrew Sauer, who is a pediatric emergency physician, and also an attorney at my law firm, Smith Hulsey & Busey.   Dr. Sauer talks  about the medical evidence demonstrating that too much screen time can be harmful to your child. We also discuss the actions parents can take to prevent their children from being harmed by too much screen time.

Below are links to some of the resources Dr. Sauer discussed:

How to Make a Family Media Use Plan (American Academy of Pediatrics)

“Media and Young Minds”

Media and Young Minds – American Academy of Pediatrics Announces New Recommendations for Children’s Media Use

 Media Use in School-Aged Children and Adolescents – Children and Adolescents and Digital Media

“MRIs show screen time linked to lower brain development in preschoolers”

“Children and Media Trips from the American Academy of Pediatrics”

“Children and Adolescents and Digital Media” (Technical Report)

“Association Between Screen Media Use and Academic Performance Among Children and Adolescents”

“Associations Between Screen-Based Media Use and Brain White Matter Integrity in Preschool-Aged Children”

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