The Wild Podcast

#38 Crystal Brindle - Bridging the Gap Between People and Nature

August 05, 2020 The Wild Podcast Season 1 Episode 38
The Wild Podcast
#38 Crystal Brindle - Bridging the Gap Between People and Nature
Show Notes

Crystal Brindle is a nature photographer, a community ranger at the Department of Conservation in New Zealand, and a keen adventurer.

She grew up in the United States where she worked for the National Park Service (following in her parents' footsteps) before moving to New Zealand. A talented landscape photographer, Crystal uses her creativity to try and foster deeper connections between people and the land.

In this episode, Andy and Crystal cover a lot of ground, including her photography, thoughts on social media influencers, what it's really like working for DOC, encountering bears in the parks of Alaska, and a few of her favourite adventure stories.

Crystal's energy and love for nature is infectious, so be prepared for a sudden urge to get into the outdoors after listening to this episode.


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