The Wild Podcast

#39 Dylan Van Winkel - Unearthing the World of Reptiles in New Zealand

August 19, 2020 The Wild Podcast Season 1 Episode 39
The Wild Podcast
#39 Dylan Van Winkel - Unearthing the World of Reptiles in New Zealand
Show Notes

Dylan van Winkel is a renowned Kiwi wildlife ecologist and herpetologist, which means he studies reptiles and amphibians like lizards and frogs. He literally wrote the book on reptiles and amphibians in New Zealand.

In this episode, Andy talks with Dylan about how his interest in lizards from a young age developed into a life devoted to research and conservation.

His conservation work has led to the recognition of new species, including an endemic gecko, and his career has seen him undertake projects in New Zealand, Tasmania, Tonga, and Papua New Guinea.

New Zealand has at least 123 different species of reptiles and amphibians and yet they aren't nearly as recognised as our native birds. The work Dylan is doing is helping to change that and he says there's been a surge of interest in the reptile world in recent years.

We're sure you'll come away from this episode with a new appreciation for the many wonderful creatures of the reptile world.


Buy Dylan's excellent book Reptiles and Amphibians of New Zealand: A Field Guide here.
Read Dylan's adventure blog


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