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The Daily Addict : The Anti Drug war podcast

Tim and Dave

Covering the latest news in the war on drugs and how it effects our culture. In the USA and abroad.

Recent Episodes

Episode #61- Drugs over the bridge - How many busts happen on international bridgesJanuary 24, 2020 Episode artwork Season 3- Episode 60- Meth MouthJanuary 15, 2020 Episode artwork Episode #59-Crack - Is it still relevant??January 06, 2020 Episode artwork Episode #58-Man goes to Jail for giving out free Marijuana dressed like Santa, Boy gets arrested for using his RC car to smuggle Meth over the Mexican Border December 30, 2019 Episode artwork Episode #57 - Marijuana story hour, MLB allows cannabis, Detroit drug unit suspended, Santa cocaine sweater top selling this seasonDecember 23, 2019 Episode artwork episode #56- There are 50 to 60 new illicit synthesized drugs created every single year, Doug Mcvay with joins to discussDecember 16, 2019 Episode artwork episode #55- CEO of Home Depot blames thefts on the "opioid crisis" with special guest Claudia MirandiDecember 09, 2019 Episode artwork episode #54 - the nations largest carfentanyl bust,Italian hogs find cocaine stash, Drug Utopia IslandDecember 02, 2019 Episode artwork episode #53 - Moldy weed is amongst us, Police chiefs wife arrested in drug bustNovember 25, 2019 Episode artwork Episode #52- Billion dollar cannabis bust in Cali, in Ohio enough fentanyl that the FBI considers it a WMD, Surgeon removes cannabis ballon from prisoners nose 18 years laterNovember 18, 2019 Episode artwork Episode #51- A focus on psychedelics featuring Brenden @P5YCHON4UTNovember 11, 2019 Episode artwork Episode #50- Celebrating our 50th episode with stories from the first 49November 04, 2019 Episode artwork Episode #49- Call 911 my roommate stole my weed stash, Mexican drug war off again /on again make up your mind alreadyOctober 28, 2019 Episode artwork Episode #48- Two men busted with 4.5 million dollars in cannabis products walk away free men, What is Kratom? and drug traffickers who rescue the Police are heroes? October 21, 2019 Episode artwork Episode #47- We talk about the cannabis laws that are ever so changing in the Mid West with special guest Chad from Elite WellnessOctober 14, 2019 Episode artwork Episode #46- Enough Chinese made fentanyl to kill 14 million, and what drugs Trump is using October 07, 2019 Episode artwork episode #45- US spends over 150 billion on illegal drugs, Florida teacher found guilty for selling drugs to her studentsSeptember 23, 2019 Episode artwork Episode #44-Major league dealers, Seattle ahead of the war on drugs, and Trumps face on ecstacy pillsSeptember 15, 2019 Episode artwork Episode 43-Special guest Brian Watson- Smuggling weed in Jalapeño shipment, too much weed in Oregon September 02, 2019 Episode artwork Episode #42- The Drug Bust Hall of Fame, and transgender frogs August 28, 2019 Episode artwork Episode #41- Justin Neal joins from, Police say mice ate 1000lbs of Cannabis from an evidence warehouse August 23, 2019 Episode artwork episode #40- Matt Frazier from, Mike Tyson smokes 40K of cannabis a month!!August 18, 2019 Episode artwork Episode #39- Million dollar drug dealer sentenced to 5 days, Germany setting new cocaine records!August 10, 2019 Episode artwork Episode #38-Magic Mushrooms the next frontier in legalization, Luxembourg country minister admits drug war is a 50 year failureAugust 07, 2019 Episode artwork Episode #37-Asia’s meth trade is blowing up $60 billion a year, and guy with $140 million in meth in his van hits a parked police carJuly 29, 2019 Episode artwork