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The Gift of Calling with Chris Heinz

July 26, 2022 Tim Austin, PCC Season 3 Episode 49
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The Gift of Calling with Chris Heinz
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Show Notes

What are some places where transition and life calling intersect? What's the potential for life calling discovery through transition seasons?
Chris Heinz returns for another conversation with Tim to probe these questions and more.
Learn why relationship is at the core of Life Calling Discovery.

About Chris:

Chris Heinz is a certified coach, professional development speaker, and founder of the Christian Life Calling Institute. He helps Christians find their life calling and live with intention. He’s the author of several faith-focused books including one on Christian life calling that will be released in Spring 2023. Chris also helps companies with employee engagement and talent development through his business, Chris Heinz Co. He is a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, top-rated learning partner for Penn State, and frequent workshop leader. Chris serves on the National Board of Christ Now.
He and his family live in Charlottesville, VA.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Chris Heinz Co.
Christian Life Calling Institute:  Use discount code CALLING2022

The Great Resignation

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