Navigate with Tim Austin

Microseasons with Heidi Lewerenz

January 31, 2023 Tim Austin, PCC Season 4 Episode 51
Navigate with Tim Austin
Microseasons with Heidi Lewerenz
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Show Notes

In this first episode of a brand new season, Heidi Lewerenz introduces a strategy for navigating change she calls "microseasons." This values-based approach to doing what matters  helps us measure impact and success in shorter intervals so we don't lose sight of our priorities and as Heidi puts it "sacrifice what's important on the altar of what gets noticed."
Navigate is all about taking the guesswork out of transition. Ready to dive into a new season of Navigate? Let's go!

About Heidi Lewerenz
Heidi is a Leadership Coach and Trainer from Wisconsin ---where you can mow your lawn and shovel snow all in the same day. She's created and owned a handful of businesses, started a few ministries, and burned many things in the oven.  She has a B.A. in Communications, holds multiple coaching and training certifications and delights in helping entrepreneurs be present and profitable using the Microseason Method (TM).  Heidi lives in Wisconsin with her husband and their houseful of 7 kids age 4 to 19.  She's been a Midwest redhead all her life,  and frequently dreams of moving closer to the equator.

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