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Life Calling Discovery with Chris Heinz

March 02, 2021 Tim Austin, PCC Season 2 Episode 31
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Life Calling Discovery with Chris Heinz
Show Notes

In transition seasons, exploring one's life calling can be a rich area for discovery and growth.
Join Tim and his guest Chris Heinz as they discuss some key principles of life calling, such as...

  • How God might use disruption to get our attention focused on life calling
  • The relationship between transition and life calling discovery
  • Intentional and practical steps toward understanding our personal life callings
  • Helpful resources and tools to aid us in the discovery process

What intentional steps could you start taking to explore and discover your personal life calling today?

About Chris Heinz:

Chris is a life calling coach who helps people to live from purpose, passion, and power.
His latest project is building the Life Calling Institute, which helps people from various life stages to explore life calling together.

He is a Certified REALIFE Process® Facilitator, Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, Certified ®iEnneagram Practitioner, and Certified Professional Life Coach.

Chris is the Founder of Chris Heinz Co. and Chief People Officer for EnergyCAP, Inc. In addition, he's a top-rated Learning Partner for Penn State, where he leads programs on Strengths and Employee Engagement.

He has been a speaker for Gallup, SHRM, International Enneagram Association, and Catalyst, and he is the author of several faith-based books. 

After a 12-year career in software marketing, Chris changed his focus to personal development. After receiving several coaching certifications, he developed an employee engagement program, strengths-based culture, and employee growth program for EnergyCAP.  Since implementing them, the company has seen double-digit increases in engagement year-after-year and was recognized as a "Best Workplace" by  Inc. Magazine.

Chris lives in central Pennsylvania with his wife, three kids, and golden retriever. He likes to buy books and sometimes reads them.

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