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Customer Retention Strategies to Keep Your Clients Happy and Loyal | Insurance Agency Playbook

August 23, 2023 The Insurance Dudes: Craig Pretzinger & Jason Feltman Season 3 Episode 624
The Insurance Dudes
Customer Retention Strategies to Keep Your Clients Happy and Loyal | Insurance Agency Playbook
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Tune into another captivating episode of the playbook, this time, Jason Feltman takes a peek into the world of customer retention strategies!

Jason unveils the secrets to maximizing client loyalty and keeping your agency thriving, with emphasis on the value of genuinely caring about clients and forming meaningful connections by taking note of personal details and interests. Jason stresses the role of insurance agents as consultants, sharing insights and advice beyond insurance to establish trust and rapport. By doing so, agents can elevate their status to trusted advisors, fostering lasting relationships. 

Join in to learn the art of customer retention and building lasting customer relationships!
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About Jason and Craig:

Both agents themselves, they both have scaled to around $10 million in premium.  After searching for years for a system to create predictability in their agencies, they developed the Telefunnel after their interviews with so many agents and business leaders.  

Taking several years, tons of trial and error, and hundreds of thousands of dollars on lead spend, they’ve optimized their agencies and teams to write tons of premium, consistently, and nearly on autopilot!

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Jason Feltman:

My name is Jason Feldman. And this is a playbook customer retention strategies to keep your clients happy and loyal. Let's get that retention up.


Insurance dudes are on a mission to escape be handcuffed by our agents,

Jason Feltman:

Tao by uncovering the secrets to creating a predictable, consistent, and profitable agency Sales Machine.


I am Craig Pretzinger.

Jason Feltman:

I am Jason Feldman.


We are agents,

Jason Feltman:

we are insurance. I mean, this game is so cool. Insurance is one of the first membership subscription type models. Now we've seen companies do that across the board, all different types of companies. But what we need is retention. Because if we're spending so much on the on the front end to acquire a customer, we want to keep them longer. Actually, you know, you keep them longer an extra six months a year, you're dramatically changing the value of a client, you're dramatically changing your paycheck in the long run. So customer retention is huge. So number one, what should we do actually care about them? Oh, my gosh, what a concept, right? actually care about them. Learn more about your clients. Keep notes. Now, when I see notes, a lot of the times, they're nuts, it's like their shopping GEICO price. It's like all these rigid numbers and stuff, which we talk about KPIs all the time. So keep the KPIs. Numbers bola, right. But when it comes to your clients, and you're keeping notes, what's their daughter's name? What's their dog's name? What happened to them last week, what teams sports teams do they like, keep the stuff that they care about not you, them keep the stuff that they care about in those notes so that you can actually connect to them. If you connect to your clients, you're going to keep them a lot longer. Oh my gosh, what a concept. Number two, offer them more. I know that like sales is like such a weird thing. People have such a weird outlook on sales. But sales is beautiful. It's gorgeous. It's what keeps your agency rockin. But offer them more. Because here's the thing, everybody needs all different types of insurance, all different types of problems and things, offer them more, offer them solutions to problems that they have. Dude, this could be even like somebody that you know, like that sells houses. And they're they're actually selling a house, but like they're kind of getting ripped off. Like, if you talk to them, maybe you can connect the two people, right? Well, now all of a sudden, your relationship with them is 10 times more important than just the policy. So offer them more. So that's one way to offer them more, but like offer them more policies. But I don't know if they need it, they would ask you a lot of people don't know that you offer these other policies offer that to them. It shows that you're the professional that there's all this stuff that that we can protect, you tell them like, Well, why would I need life insurance? I have money? Well, that's, that's a great, that's a great question. Well, what happens when someone dies? Right? That money can be locked up for? I don't know, years, right? Well, they need immediate money to pay those bills, you can put it in a policy just to cover those bills. In the meantime, like these conversations need to happen. We're trying to solve more problems, offer them more. And when you're offering somebody something, it's it's just finding out if they have any problems in these other areas, and then here's the solution for it, they're gonna get that stuff from somebody else, why not get it from you? Right? They cannot take an offer that you haven't given them. So ask them, you know, provide another offer for them. And then number three is just dude, solve the solve more problems for them. I know that you're just doing insurance, but if you can offer advice, you have to understand that you're a consultant. Okay. I know you can't be called a trusted adviser and some companies will keep that nameless. Which is it is what it is right? I mean, the government does what they do, but honestly, like, like you're a consultant, consult, have a conversation, help them out. They're having other problems and areas of their life. Maybe you are to talk to them, like connect that like that's really what keeps people together more than anything. All right. You want loyal clients, help them out. Keep that retention high because at the end of the day, that it's much easier to retain a client than it is to get on this phone.

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