The Protectors® Podcast

#382 | George Fuller | Ruck 'N' Run

November 02, 2022 Dr. Jason Piccolo Episode 382
The Protectors® Podcast
#382 | George Fuller | Ruck 'N' Run
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Show Notes

The Protectors Podcast ™ Presents George Fuller.  George stopped by to talk about the upcoming Ruck ‘N’ Run on November 12th!  We talk about all things rucking and how you can get involved.  

The Ruck ‘N’ Run: 

Why: Veterans Day is not about a sale. It's about our Veterans. Our event is a tangible way for our community can interact with Veterans and honor them, in person. Honoring Those Who Serve(d)®, Building Camaraderie, Connecting the Community

What: 8th Annual Ruck ‘N’ Run® walk/run and Celebration of our U.S. Service Members! Ruck it or Run it. Distances; 5.56K®, 7.62K, 11.11K, or FREE .9 Mile

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