The Protectors Podcast™

#268 | Eric Bishop Talks Writing a Thriller

November 24, 2021 Dr. Jason Piccolo Episode 268
The Protectors Podcast™
#268 | Eric Bishop Talks Writing a Thriller
Show Notes

Eric Bishop, thriller writer, joined The Protectors to talk about his recently released book, THE BODY MAN.  We were joined by a fellow author Jack Stewart (who is also an F-18 Fighter Pilot!!).  We hit on a bunch of great topics.  

The Book: Who protects the secrets of the Presidency? The Body Man.

And he's vanished without a trace.

In a town that’s obsessed with dark secrets, where the currency of power is information, The White House has kept a huge one for decades. Charged with the task of protecting and defending the Office of the Presidency from threats both outside and in, the keeper of secrets—the Body Man—has been in the shadows since the 1960s.

The Body Man has been a unique protector of American presidents ever since a previous well-known president used the first Body Man to usher women, diplomats, and other heads of state into the White House via a secret tunnel. The Body Man is drawn from the Secret Service, but he isn’t on the classic protective detail, and he reports to no one. Once his term is over, he’s given a huge payout and a one-way ticket to anywhere on Earth.

With a CIA conspiracy buff named Zed and The Body Man’s aged neighbor Rose, former US Army Ranger and FBI Special Agent Eli Payne and his new probationary agent Kat Stone must find the Body Man before it’s too late—and the trail may lead directly to the Oval Office itself.

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