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Alex Mills : How to relocate to another country & start a new career?

November 18, 2019 Misael Trujillo / Alex Mills Season 1 Episode 28
Promote The Hell Out Of It!
Alex Mills : How to relocate to another country & start a new career?
Show Notes

So great catching up with my great friend Alex Mills for Episode 28. Account Director, as well as a Content & Social Media Marketing Specialist. Alex is currently Account Director at WE Communications over in Australia; however, when I met him he was in London and worked for Microsoft on the launch of Zune Music, then later with HMV as Digital Marketing & Music Content Manager.

We talk about his move over to Australia, the logistics of making that happen, the difficulties; as well as the rewards, of such a big accomplishment, the change in perspective and career ... basically, it's a great conversation, full of useful tips! If you're thinking of moving country, changing career, or just feeling kind of stuck in a rut, then this episode is for you!

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