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JYellowL : Representing The Irish Rap Scene!

January 11, 2021 Misael Trujillo / JYellowL Season 1 Episode 33
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JYellowL : Representing The Irish Rap Scene!
Show Notes

This weeks conversation is with Irish rapper and absolute legend JYellowL! He's been smashing it with his hard work and positive attitude, featuring on the Fifa 20 soundtrack and recently being nominated for Irish Album Of The Year in the Choice Music Prize.

His 2020 release conveniently called 2020 DIvision is an absolute banger filled with smart lyricism, catchy beats and important messages and you best go give it a listen!

We talk about his outlook on life, his new record label, the Black Lives Matter Movement in Ireland, feeling proud of his Nigerian descent, representing the Irish rap scene and everything in between!

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Here are some incredibly helpful links regarding Black Lives Matter:

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