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Dylan Slocum ( Spanish Love Songs ) - Finite Amount Of Energy!

March 25, 2021 Misael Trujillo / Dylan Slocum Season 1 Episode 46
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Dylan Slocum ( Spanish Love Songs ) - Finite Amount Of Energy!
Show Notes

On this episode of the podcast I have a chat with Dylan Slocum; lead singer & guitarist for Spanish Love Songs. I've loved every single one of Spanish Love Songs records,  last years release 'Brave Faces Everyone' has become an integral part of my lockdown soundtrack. I was excited to chat to Dylan about the band and their wonderful Patreon content, but also to dig a little into his background as an assistant to a Hollywood screenwriter/director. He didn't disappoint.  

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The conversation is a realistic view on what bands are dealing with both at the moment and on an ongoing basis, the marketing, uncertainty, financial struggles, sustainbility ... that being said, it's also an encouraging chat that shows how important it is to be adaptable. I found Dylan's view on things incredibly relatable, especially when it comes to social media and the amount of energy I have available to dedicate to it. I really hope you enjoy the chat, because I love having Dylan on the show. Can not wait for gigs to be back so I can sing along live again. 

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